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Girls trip! My mom, my oldest sister and I decided to visit my middle sister in NYC this summer. We’re a pretty fun group and I ❤️ NYC, just like the shirt. I always come back so inspired. The energy of the city is contagious. Yeah, it might not be the friendliest city in the world, but I appreciate the way people tend to keep to themselves and go about their day. It’s like everyone is in their own little world inside a big one. A mini planet with all kinda different cultures. And I catch a warm smile here and there. It’s almost like the smiles are more special or more organic… because it’s not like the norm, ya know? And the STREET ART. Oh the street art. I’m amazed by what people can do with spray paint. It’s as if the souls of New York have branded the buildings of each borough, mostly with a common theme: acceptance, struggle, anger. Reactions to the gross POTUS. Reactions to which I whole-hearted agree. I can’t say I identify, due to my white privilege, but I can acknowledge and support the cause. I know “white privilege” can be a trigger word(s). It’s an important step as a white person to understand that although being called “racist” hurts and although it is in some ways natural to defend yourself, there are certain privileges we were accustomed to having. Fact. Louder for the people in the back- THERE ARE CERTAIN PRIVILEGES YOU HAVE SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU ARE WHITE. FACT. Our whiteness has kept us from being subjected to all kinda woes. Denying that is a form of racism. We might not see the experiences we had/have as privileges because they weren’t privileges to us. We grew up having them, expecting them. Ok I can’t get into this. This is a huge topic for another post. Stay tuned. But anyway, you can visually see the reactions to what’s happening in our country and it’s beautiful. And sad and uplifting at the same time. #feels

Bushwick street art ❤️❤️❤️

My sis lives in cute loft apartment in Brooklyn. J’adore BK. But for this trip we wanted to be stationed in Manhattan so we stayed at The Innside by Melia in Chelsea, on the Westside of Manhattan. It was adorable and gave a really hip, warm, garden-y vibe. Lil oasis in the summer heat. The rooms were a bit small but we were in NYC, so I guess I should kinda expect that. I usually stay at my sister’s when I visit so I don’t have a lot of experience with hotels in the city. They had a brunch DJ on Sunday and AMAZING patios both out front and in the back. We didn’t actually eat there but the food at the restaurant looked yummy. The location of the hotel was pretty convenient for what we wanted to do with our trip which was explore and hang in Chelsea and Greenwich Village.

Back patio at The Innside Melia

We shot down to Little Italy because duh. It was a party as always and a pretty picturesque night to sit outside and people watch and catch up with one another. I always have so much adrenaline the first night in new city. I didn’t realize at the time that I was on my way to the airport at 3:30am Vegas time and I had basically been up for almost a day. It’s always a struggle for me to get adequate rest when traveling. Still need to figure that out. I’d also like to note that this trip was in the midst of Mercury Retrograde…if you know, then you know. Suuuriously. If you don’t know, look it up. I might have had a mini emo breakdown night two…my lil ButtButt cried when she FaceTimed with me and it took me a minute or 120 minutes to get past it. (We are together a lot, lol) Also, our Dad being gone is SO apparent when we are all together. I tried very hard to keep that repressed while we were all together because I didn’t wanna cause a sob fest, but yea mind control is not my forte. RIP Papa Bear. Anyway, I could have focused on these feelings the rest of the trip but I let myself feel it that night and then pass. I’m lucky I have such a wonderful and supportive partner in my husband. He was more than there for me from afar and he took the best care of our babe. It was also my time of the month and ladies raise your damn hand if you are the fiercest emotional rollercoaster during your cycle!! If you’re a man and you think that was TMI, IDGAF. Truth.

Girl Power being super cute in Little Italy

Day two with the crew, we walked to Central Park, rented bikes and rode around for a couple hours. The park was beautiful and floral and green. Living in the desert makes you appreciate being surrounded by foliage. Don’t miss that humidity doe. We popped in and out of the shops, bars and galleries in West Village. It was my first time exploring this area of the city really. It was very enjoyable. We walked The Highline, which was cool, not literally cool, it was hot af out, but it was enjoyable to see the nature, art, and design of it. I love all things history. The Highline is a public park built on a historical freight line. It’s elevated above the Westside of Manhattan. I read that it was saved by neighborhood residents. Hell yeah! We also shopped at the upscale mall The Hudson Yards. It was huge and pretty crowded due to it being the weekend. Not my fave part of the trip but I know my avid, relentless shopper of a mother was pleased. Before our our power walk we ate lunch at Grey Bar & Restaurant in Chelsea. It was cute bar and restaurant we passed while wandering the neighborhood. The space had big windows (always a plus) in the front and was pretty spacious. It was nice to get a chance to spread out a little bit and not sit on top of one another, especially with the heat. The food was also delicious. Would recommend.

The Highline, West Manhattan

The next day we walked to Washington Square Park and we drank coffee and took in the morning light, I took pics. Morning light is the best. The Flatiron building was interesting to see through trees in the park. NYC parks are such little habitats of their own. Lil oases in the bustlin’ city. There was so much going on, but in the park it was zen-like. Time slows down a bit. Maybe it’s the way the trees canopy and block the outside world. LOVE. Pre-park we ventured into this SUPER cute market Bread and Butter. It was a convenient, buffet style global market breakfast place. You could custom make all kinda yummies; omelets, bowls, oatmeal, LOTS of stuff. I got an açaí bowl (because I’m so West Coast now lmao) and an almond croissant because pastries and coffee are my jam. I don’t do breakfast very well but I can always do an Italian breakfast.

Washington Square Park

On the third day my middle sister and I said goodbye to my mom and oldest sis and headed to BK. We strolled Domino Park in Williamsburg and met up with my college roomie. It was a really light-hearted, pleasurable day. We were pretty exhausted from running around in the heat all weekend, so after some dranks and grub the three of us headed back to my sister’s rooftop. Fortunately my college roomie and my sis live remarkably close to each other. We capped the night with some tunes, spirits and some delightful, spontaneous creative time. All of this under an almost full moon, during Mercury Retro. It was pretty magical really. My sister turned us onto Emotional Oranges. OMG. I have played the shit outta the album on Spotify since she suggested it pre-trip. I’d definitely suggest looking them up on Spotify.

Domino Park, Williamsburg
Williamsburg street art

I don’t know why I’m so drawn to NYC, motivated by it. Maybe it’s that I’m more aware of the idea that everyone has struggles when I’m in the city. Such a large group of people concentrated into such a small area. People are all grinding and following their dreams and producing art or serving or working in a high rise the whole day through. Just doing their best. Not giving a F. I’m trying to embrace the not giving a F part. Whether you’re struggling financially, mentally, physically…everyone is going through it. Maybe it’s just more apparent or acceptable or expected in NYC. Again, 🤷🏻‍♀️. But struggle yields art, good art. You just have to own it. Own your struggle. An example would be all of the amazing street art painted on the buildings of the city. The work has a message. Embracing the idea that pain, stress, emotion can all be translated to art. The art can be for you. This has become eye opening for me. A lot of art comes from pain, a urning to understand either oneself or one’s environment. I know this seems like a simple concept and you’re prob thinking no shit why is this chick so enlightened by it, but I think it just finally resonated with me more deeply. In a NY state of shine kinda way. 🌞📸 Check out my Insta @goodgirlmadcities for more pics ☺️

Spots we hit:

Hotel- The Innside by Melia, Chelsea

Front patio at The Innside Melia

Bread and Butter, Midtown on the Eastside (that’s where I met my Romoana…hehe)

The Highline + The Hudson Yards, West Manhattan

The Highline

Grey Bar & Restaurant- Chelsea (I think that’s still Chelsea…?)

Domino Park- Williamsburg BK

Williamsburg Bridge

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  1. I always enjoy reading about your adventures! Sounds like it was wonderful girl!! And man, oh man do I agree. Morning light is the best! 😘

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